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Wood Stairs Lake Zurich & Wood Stair Railing Lake Zurich

Did you know you can get your wood stairs to look almost new! If you’re located in Lake Zurich & surrounding areas we are the solution you’re looking for.

Today we want to discuss the topic of maintenance since it is the key to help your wood stairs Lake Zurich and wood stair railings last as long as possible. Let’s review some recommendations that we have prepared for you!

The best advice is to utilize rugs as a secret weapon.Their power is that they take grime off of the shoe so it prevents scratches or stains. But pointy and sharp heels are a big enemy; be careful but don’t panic when company comes to visit. 

For regular daily cleaning you can vacuum and sweep your stairs as much as you want but cleaning with liquid products should be avoided. Solvent-based liquid wax designed for waxed floors should be used instead, once the stair needs a deep cleaning.

Applying a new layer of wax is the easiest remedy to cover small scratches and dents.

Removing any cracked or old finishings such as varnish or shellac from your wood stairs with the right materials and equipment will give you immediate results. 

Humid areas can cause mold to start appearing on wood floors. Use a good disinfectant or bleach for your mold problems in order to prevent mildew and mold from growing. Always test a small area before using it on the entire wood surface so you prevent any damage.

Our stairs contractor Lake Zurich has the professionals and products to help you make your house look at its best and preserve your hardwood floors for as long as possible.

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