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Tile Contractors Bartlett | Art Z LTD

Perfect Tiles For Small Space

When it comes to your tiles, it has a big impact on a small space. The following are some ideas about how to choose the perfect tile installation Elgin for your small space.

Create the Illusion of More Space: This can be done in a small space by thinking counterintuitively and going with a larger tile during your tile installation. Large tiles will create fewer breaks in the floor surface, while small tiles will leave many grout lines.

Color is Key: Dark colors and shades tend to shrink a room; the opposite is true of bright colors. Our tile contractors Bartlett will help you select the perfect tiles for your small space.

Skew Your Tile Installation: Tiles don’t need to be installed at the right angles. You can try a diagonal tile installationĀ to expand a small space. Give Art Z LTD a call today!

tile contractors Bartlett

Air Conditioning Installation Lombard | Tem Control

Is There Water in My Air Conditioning Unit?

If your air conditioning system is working properly, the water that is in your system should be drained and not remain at a standstill, hence, no dripping sounds should be heard. If you happen to hear splashing sounds, your air conditioner may not be working properly, and in need of ac service Bolingbrook. Some of the reasons why this occurs may be the following:

  • A clogged condensate drain line
  • A cracked drain pain
  • Improper installation or size of the unit
  • A broken condensate pump
  • A dirty air filter
  • Lack of refrigerant

If your cooling system experiences any of these problems and it is not resolved as soon as possible, its efficiency and life span will be drastically affected to the point of requiring a new air conditioning installation Lombard. Also, some of these problems are not so easy to diagnose on your own.

If you happen to hear water coming from your A/C and want to avoid the costly expenses of a new ac installation Des Plaines, contact the experts at Tem Control to solve your problem as soon as possible. Call us now!
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Company That Buys Homes Chicago | We Buy Houses


Selling your house is an extremely quick and efficient operation that needs specific steps. For the process to be smooth, the following are some tips that will make your journey an easier transition.

Know Your Homeā€™s Value

The best way to sell your home for cash is to find a company that buys homes Chicago. Ensure they are trustworthy and will give you the best value possible for your home.

Know That Not All House Buying Companies Are made Equal

There are plenty of companies that sell houses without realtor Chicago, and some can be bad apples. You want the best of the best company.

Sell Once You Trust the Company

We Buy Houses Chicago work hard to ensure every homeowner is happy with the process. You can count on us to get the job done right!

company that buys homes Chicago

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