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EIFS Stucco Installation Lake Zurich

Synthetic Stucco, also known as EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems) is a multi-layered exterior finish that has been in use since the end of World War II to repair damaged buildings.

Many Lake Zurich homes are coated with an EIFS Lake Zurich Stucco application. This is the modern upgrade to what was used back in World War II.


EIFS Has Six Layers

EIFS has six layers in its modern application. These are:

  1. An optional water-resistive barrier.
  2. An Adhesive layer
  3. A foam insulation board
  4. An acrylic or polymer-based cement material base coat.
  5. The reinforcement mesh embedded in the base coat material.
  6. A decorative and protective outer finishing coat.


Moisture Issues

EIFS layers are usually bound together to form a covering that doesn’t allow for air to get in. When moisture is trapped between the layers, it can lead to dry rot in the wood. This problem can be easily identified through routine pest inspection.

Maintaining EIFS

In order to maintain the integrity of Stucco Lake Zurich, openings such as doors and window frames should be sealed. Gutters should also be kept clean and positioned to drain away from the house and any items that penetrate the stucco must be sealed away. Moisture must be kept out at all costs.

Cleaning EIFS

EIFS is easy to clean. You can make a simple cleaning solution by adding two cups of trisodium phosphate to one cup bleach and a gallon of warm water. Use a brush or spray and apply it to the stucco and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Then lightly brush the surface with a soft brush and rinse.


Chimney Cap in Buffalo Grove | Chimney Caps Expert

Have you ever considered having the chimney cover pros and cons? It effectively prevents animals from entering your home, keeps the rain out, and protects the roof from burning embers that could be the reason for the house fire in Buffalo Grove. The installation requires some skills and experience, but thankfully, there are specialists that can perform it instead of us!

We are Chimney Caps Experts and we can serve you replacement and repair on your chimney cap in Buffalo Grove. The caps are often available in the hardware stores, but buying them in such places usually turns out to be less beneficial than we expected. Deciding on us, you get the complex job that includes fitting the chimney cover and reliable installation with attention to details. You don’t need to worry about any step, we will go the great lengths to gain your total satisfaction.

Siding Contractors in Arlington Heights | RENOVAUX Siding Installation

Siding is often an underestimated home element. Homeowners don’t always realize that the panels protect the property from water damage and other weather factors that are harmful to their house exterior. It’s worth deciding on siding installation and has the finest home protection for many years to come. RENOVAUX are experienced siding contractors in Arlington Heights ready to supply you on both installations and trusted vinyl siding repair. Our mission has always been delivering you the best and diverse product. Our offer includes multiple panels types which are wood, metal, fiber cement, and more. The pricing varies depending on the siding type, however, the solutions are available for every pocket.

Home protection is the most significant siding advantage, but don’t forget about your property appearance. The panels are stylish home elements making your property even more precious. Don’t hesitate and call us to learn more about our services.


Roughcasting in Glasgow | EDINHOME Professional Roughcast Render

We have fully trained and qualified roughcasters who can get the job done. They are fully employed by us and have a wealth of experience in the business.

Our company has a proven track record working on fairly large commercial contracts. We have installed new roughcasting in Glasgow for councils and housing associations, and as such, we have full public liability insurance. Every roughcast, pebble dash, and harling mix materials we use are sourced from our preferred supplier in Edinburgh, and we have a secondary supplier in case there are issues with our primary supplier.

We use high-quality materials such as high-grade sand, cement, gravel, shells and pebbles, lime aggregate, and premium mortar mix to produce roughcasting of exceptional quality and durability. Coupled with a thorough mix procedure, we can ensure that every roughcasting we do for you will stand the test of time against harsh weather conditions in every season.


Wallpapering in London | Thomas Wallpapering Company

Wallpaper is an inexpensive way to give new life to the rooms and walls of your home. It is sometimes a job that you think as a layman you can easily handle. But when the wet wallpaper gets in your hair and the lines and patterns do not match, you will feel frustrated and maybe wasting your good money on beautiful wallpaper. Thomas Wallpapering in London has been hanging wallpaper for years. Give us a call, and our designers will help you choose the perfect wallpaper for every room in your house.

We have the right equipment and talented contractors who can have your walls looking spectacular in no time at all. We will remove the old wallpaper and make sure the walls are smooth and sleek before applying the new paper.  

We deliver seamless installations with confidence and a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.


Bathroom Refinishing in Bolingbrook | AP Bathtub Reglazing

Bathtub resurfacing is getting more and more popular nowadays. People look for solutions that will allow them to create new space without ruining the family budget. As AP Bathtub Refinishing in Bolingbrook, we have the option that will probably fit these expectations. Our company offers a professional tub and tile reglazing as well as countertops refinishing in accordance with the latest standards. It’s widely known that replacing a tub is definitely more expensive, time-consuming, and complex than its reglazing. You don’t need to supervise the entire process – our experts will guide you every step of the way and make sure that everything is done properly. 

Thanks to our dependable job, your space will gain a new spirit and become the place that you love to spend your time in again. The costs are quite affordable and you definitely know what you pay for – the results are more than satisfactory. 


Roofing Companies in Arlington Heights | Lion Roof Repair

Looking for professionals to provide you with your roof repair in Arlington Heights? Or maybe roof replacement is the service that you actually need? As Lion Roofing, we are ready to supply you with all these and more. Our offer starts with reliable roof installation that includes using only the finest quality materials, however, it’s being constantly widened throughout the time. Now we can serve you also on repairs and roof replacement, all of which are considered as one of the most trusted roofing companies services. Our mission is to provide you with the products for years and the product means the top-notch roof that will survive every storm and heavy rain that will come to your place. 

We pay attention to details – all of them can turn out to be significant during your further roof longevity. Craftsmanship, finest quality materials, and best prices – that’s all you can get! 


Office Fit Out in London | Office Refurbishment Fit Out Company

A high level of productivity is what most employers hope for from their staff. One of the critical elements of a productive workforce is a well-designed office interior. The right new office fit-out can inspire and motivate your employees. A refurbish of your existing space can do the same. Understanding your business and how it runs is vital for us at Fit Out Company in London.

When designing your office, we hope to create a cohesiveness between your working spaces and your business goals. We do that by in-depth consultation with you and your employees to address their needs and concerns.

We guide you through the best possible design concept, the budget, and the time it will take for the fit-out, with minimal disruption to your office. We take care of building permits, furniture, and installations. An ideal office design’s pay-off is increased productivity and effectiveness.for your London business.


Installing new lighting might be just the project you’ve been looking for

Are you a homeowner living in Arlington Heights and need to get an excellent project to change your home? You might want to install new lighting and get what you need. You need to install new lighting in the interior of your home to create a marked effect. 

Should you install the lighting in your bedroom, outdoor patio area, or your living room, the new lighting might be of great benefit. We have skilled team electricians Arlington Heights who have created this list to help you enjoy reading. 

We welcome you to read through it and contact us to give you chances of your home’s lighting.

Improve security

It’s hard to be extra careful with your home these days. Most homeowners use a lighting upgrade to have better home security. You can get many options that fit your needs.

Add value

Adding light in your home adds some value to your property. While it may take such a significant amount, it makes some difference. 

Reduces energy costs

The best thing about modern lighting is that it uses less energy, thanks to advanced technology. We have skilled local electricians Arlington Heights who can offer you some high-efficiency solutions.

Better visibility

When you replace outdated or low lighting with modern lighting, you get improved visibility in your home.

Creates ambiance

The best way to get the type of ambiance you have always desired is to upgrade your home’s lighting.

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