Month: December 2022

Temper Glass Niles, IL | Star Glass Tempering

About Tempered Glass Niles, IL

Tempered glass is considerably stronger than regular glass. It gets its strength from the thermal tempering process used to manufacture tempered glass. Tempered glass is about 4x stronger than annealed glass or “ordinary” glass. Tempered glass gets its strength from being put under pressure then cooled rapidly. During this quenching step, the outer surface of the glass goes into compression and becomes stronger than ever before. This allows tempered glass to withstand direct blows, powerful winds and even minor explosions that would destroy ordinary glass panes. Whether it’s used in windows or phones and computer screens, tempered glass offers many benefits. It’s scratch-resistant and preserves glass transparency and clarity. This makes it ideal for protecting against damage from keys, knives and other sharp objects. Tempered glass is used in a wide range of products. It’s safer than traditional glass, breaks into small granules instead of sharp shards and makes it ideal for use where there’s a high risk of impact.

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