Month: June 2021

Basement Waterproofing in London


Waterproofing Crawl Spaces: Why Is Moisture An Issue?

Crawlspaces are open to the outside air and bare ground, to allow airflow, but this can also result in temperature and moisture gradients, another reason why high quality basement waterproofing in London properties is so crucial. During the summer months crawl spaces can experience high temperatures and humidity that allows moisture to accumulate, whereas the winter months can see frost and groundwater accumulation that can also cause moisture to build up in your crawl space. 

Our basement waterproofing team in London also informs clients that spring and autumn also have their moisture issues since there are frequent storms and raised water tables, meaning that moisture in crawl spaces is as bad as moisture in basements, so think about waterproofing them the same way you might consider waterproofing basements.

Moisture Issues That Waterproofing Helps

Moisture in homes can build up all year long, making mold a very big issue for crawl spaces, and giving homeowners a reason why basement waterproofing and foundation waterproofing and good groundworks in London homes is so important. 

Just because mold is in your crawl space doesn’t mean you aren’t breathing it in your home, as the air that flows through that crawl space can bring those spores and gross musty odor right up into your home and the moisture can cause issues with the wooden structures of your home. 

One of the things good basement waterproofing in your London homes helps stop is rot and fungus that can grow on the wood and cause damage, as wood attracts and retains moisture. Rotting wood in your crawl space can lead to dangerous structural damage in your home. so basement and foundation waterproofing in your London home’s crawl space can protect it from the build-up of moisture that leads to fungus, rot, and mold growth.

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