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What Exactly is Full-Frame Window Replacement?

If your home is suffering both sash and frame problems that require attention, full frame replacement is an excellent effective solution option. Full-frame replacement reestablishes the appearance and the structural integrity of your windows, allowing you to rest assured that your new windows replacement Buffalo Grove trusts provides you with the best views around and exceptional energy-efficiency.

Make over Your Windows

Full-frame replacement involves taking a window down to its original raw framing boards (rough opening). To some, this may feel extreme, but the advantage is that it can expose potential problems that may be hidden behind the existing frame, like damaged or rotted wood, poor or no insulation, insect infestation, and water intrusion.

What You Should Expect

In the case of a full-frame replacement, the window installer Buffalo Grovetrusts will start with the removal of your old windows and frames until the rough opening is revealed.

The Choice is Obvious

Window Door Pro provides a windows replacement that ensures the longevity, efficiency, and attractive aesthetics of your new windows replacement Buffalo Grove.

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