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Taking Care of Drafty Windows: Advice from the Best of The Window Companies in Highland Park – White Eagle Windows

To see if you have a drafty window, do a simple test. Use a lit candle or tissue and if you see movement, you have an air leak. This can make you spend more on your energy bills than you expected.

There are some quick fixes to take care of drafty windows, so you don’t necessarily need a window replacement Highland Park. Caulk any gaps you find around your windows. Or, you can cover the window using a layered curtain or a draft snake to close off the holes.

When you see signs of wood rot, broken hardware, or a window that does not close properly, it is recommended that contact a window installer in Highland Park for a new window installation. Not only will a window replacement in Highland Park help your home to be more efficient, but it can also improve the look of your home.

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