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Taking Care of Your Window Repair Naperville

Why live with problem windows that you can’t open, unexpectedly close, or leave you with drafty air leaks? Window replacement can solve that but at a high cost. Instead, with a window repair Naperville, your old windows can operate like new.

So many homeowners believe that an old double-hung wood window requires a new window installation in Naperville for long-term energy-saving benefits. Before you settle on a window replacement, consider this:

A double-hung window that has pulleys attached to weights might feel somewhat outdated, but with maintenance every few years, the window can last for decades. But window repair on a new window can be very difficult.

Older windows tend to have single glazing, so they do not insulate as double glazing would. But most energy loss tends to come through gaps between the sash and the frame, or the frame and the building, and not as much through the glass.

Beginning with a glass replacement, we will direct you through some common window repair solutions in Naperville, large and small. If you have double-hung, sliding, casement windows, wood, and metal storm windows, you’ll find your answers for window repair in Naperville right here.


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