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When Should Exterior Caulking Be Replaced?

The continuous change in temperature and natural weather shifts can lead to uncomfortable conditions such as water leaks in your home or workplace, and it also contributes to higher energy bills as well as other utility costs. We recommend that you tackle any concern before it becomes a bigger problem in need of major repair. As Chicago masonry contractors, we offer you certified masonry and tuck point repairs focused on your specific needs including repair to joints or holes around windows, doors, ceilings or cracks around your property structure that have separated, but for which we can easily fix this. 


Here are some recommendations we made for you and your property:


Caulking life expectancy

Be aware that the caulking would need to be redone approximately every five years. The actual length of time between replacement depends on the quality and type of caulk used.


Frequent Inspections

Inspect the exterior of your building on a regular basis to see if it needs to be fixed or even replaced. Check caulked areas and windows at least once a month.


Caulking Damage

If you notice any caulk that appears to be cracking or pulling away then it’s time for a replacement.  If you don’t act right away you may have a water leak that can cause damage inside your property.


For Best Results

The best tip is to have a tuckpointing expert complete the job and ensure a proper maintenance scheduled.
There’s a variety of sealant solutions like other types of caulk, polyurethane or silicone. Only a professional will know what’s the best solution.
Our masonry Chicago company knows what its primary aim is, which is to maintain your structure functioning properly and running at the highest efficiency. Call us to answer any of your questions.

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