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Perfect Tiles For Small Space

When it comes to your tiles, it has a big impact on a small space. The following are some ideas about how to choose the perfect tile installation Elgin for your small space.

Create the Illusion of More Space: This can be done in a small space by thinking counterintuitively and going with a larger tile during your tile installation. Large tiles will create fewer breaks in the floor surface, while small tiles will leave many grout lines.

Color is Key: Dark colors and shades tend to shrink a room; the opposite is true of bright colors. Our tile contractors Bartlett will help you select the perfect tiles for your small space.

Skew Your Tile Installation: Tiles don’t need to be installed at the right angles. You can try a diagonal tile installation¬†to expand a small space. Give Art Z LTD a call today!

tile contractors Bartlett

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