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Public Adjuster | Public Adjusters Group

The job of  Public Adjusters Group is to help policyholders help settle insurance claims. They are insurance professionals, completely independent of the insurance company you are claiming from. The  Public Adjusters Group works in the best interests of the insured against the insurance provider. We ensure that when the public adjuster based, files for a claim, that alll the required paperwork is completed correctly. We help recover the policyholder’s owed claims as per the terms of the insurance policy. Insurance companies have an insurance appraiser that carries out a similar function.


Any communications and requests from your insurance company to you, the public adjuster based, we will deal with on your behalf, as your agent. If the insurance company asks for clarifications, we will respond quickly and make sure your claim is being handled appropriately. We provide a professional foundation, fully documented. This will serve to show your insurance company that you are serious about your claim and will often receive a prompt response and resolution of the claim you are making.


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