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Masonry in Chicago | Custom tuckpointing contractors

CUSTOM masonry in Chicago area is your top choice when it comes to reliable masonry jobs. We offer professional repairs and masonry restoration as well as window caulking. We handle multiple masonry materials which are concrete block, stone and clay brick. Our experts will inspect your brick walls and find all missing mortar places, even these which are not visible with the unaided eye. The next step will be refilling them with finest quality mortar. Our offer includes also installation of thru-wall flashing and cleaning and preservation of masonry facades. Our mission is to restore your excellent masonry structure so you can rest assured about your great masonry condition. We realize that every customer is an individuality and that’s why we tailor the solutions exactly to your needs. Our tuckpointing is second to none in Chicago. Craftsmanship, long-standing experience and cost-effective pricing – that’s what you get here.

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