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Junk Removal Service In Chicago | 606 Junk Hauling

So you have been looking at the pile of junk in your basement and garage and feeling overwhelmed!! Not to worry, 606 Junk Removal Service in Chicago has your back. With only a phone call, you can have everything magically disappear. 

Our customer service will ask you about the junk or trash you want to be removed and send out the appropriate truck and workforce. We can handle any size junk pile, big or small, residential or commercial; we take whatever you can give us!

Back at our plant, we carefully sort it out and try our best to recycle glass, wood, or plastics. We help charities in the area by donating items such as clothing, books, toys to make sure that as little as possible goes to the dumpsite. Make the call to our customer service, and they will send out the crew to start the magical disappearing act for a reasonable cost.

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