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Common Signs You May Need a Solar Panel Replacement  

Home solar panels Chicago are built to last and can provide you for at least twenty-five years with regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and good weather conditions. However, solar panels in Chicago are prone to wear and tear and eventually need to be replaced. Knowing the signs to look for if you need to replace your solar panels is important. Solarwerks in Chicago has listed some signs to look for if you need to replace your solar panels. 

Low Power Output

It’s sometimes normal for solar panels to provide low power output during rainy days. However, during sunny days your home solar panel should be providing energy equal to the estimate of the manufacturer. Not all solar panel manufacturers have a status for durability; thus, if you notice your panels always produce low power, it is better to pay more for panel replacement and get high-quality equipment upfront. 

Check the Inverter

The inverter plays an important function in your solar panel system. Check your inverter every week to ensure that it is working properly. Your inverter converts solar energy into electric current, so if your inverter breaks down, the rest of your solar panel will not function either. Greenlight means that your inverter is working properly. Check for any red lights that indicate an error. Fixing a faulty inverter can sometimes be easy, just like reestablishing an internet connection. If it is frequently damaged, call your solar roofing company for a replacement. 

Broken Panel Glass

Solar panels have a glass casing to protect your system and to withstand weather conditions. However, if your panel glass gets damaged by falling objects like tree branches or debris, or you notice any cracks or fractures, it is time to have it replaced. Broken panel glass can also be a sign of deterioration and reduce your solar panel’s energy production. 

If you notice any of these signs, call Solarwerks in Chicago. Our company always goes above and beyond to make our customers satisfied without our services. Our professional solar power installers will help you identify whether you need a solar power replacement or repair. We will also guide you in managing energy at home so you can keep costs to a minimum and reduce your energy bills. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. 

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