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Hints Your Home Needs Siding Replacement

Cracked Siding

Cracks in your home’s exterior siding are a clear sign that it’s time to replace it. Woodpeckers can cause serious damage to cedar and wood siding by creating large holes, and when your siding is in great shape it provides an extra layer of protection for your home. Plus, it helps minimize the damage that can be caused by inclement weather.

No Metal Flashing

A visual inspection of the exterior of a home, including doors, windows, and trim, can reveal if they are properly sealed and in good shape. For best results, metal flashing and caulk should be used around the edges and corners of the roof. If this is not the case, it could mean your home is in need of siding repair or replacement. If caulking was used to seal the tops of doors and windows, there could still be reason for concern. Homeowners should note that caulking is not as durable as metal flashing.

Risk of Mold

In addition to rotting, warping, or structural damage, siding issues can contribute to the growth of mold in your home. Maintaining your home’s siding helps keep moisture levels in check, protecting your family from mold and other dangerous conditions.

Peeling Paint

As you search for clues, another clue is peeling paint. Have you noticed that your home needs to be repainted more often than in the past? This is usually a red flag that your home’s siding is deteriorating, and not providing proper exterior protection from the elements.

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