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Custom Closets Addison

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Before embarking on any kitchen remodeling plans, it is important to consider these aspects when deciding on building custom furniture. 

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets Addison suit the specific style you want for your home. You are involved with the choice of materials, color, stain and finish chosen for the project. Though standard cabinets can be initially inexpensive, savings tend to disappear in the long-run due to the use of cheap materials that need to be replaced more frequently. It would also be hard to find standard cabinets that make a good fit to match the exact look and feel as the rest of your renovated space.

Custom closets, custom cabinets and custom bathroom vanity can all be made to fit your life and lifestyle. They can be made as high or low, to fit around awkward or small spaces and corners and even around odd-shaped appliances. Our cabinet makers build to fit any of your exact wishes.

Value Materials

The use of durable, high-quality materials in custom cabinetry provides long lasting results which bring greater value over time. Details can also be added such as special features such as a wine rack, extra storage spaces for even the smallest spaces, or even eco-friendly material. Since you have the option to make better use of the space you have, the sky really is the limit when it comes to custom cabinetry.

Dream Craft Cabinets uses locally sourced materials that come with the guarantee that you are receiving a product that’s designed to last a lifetime. We take pride in meeting all for your needs and expectations with the work we do that leaves a finished product that is truly a work of art. 

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