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3 Chimney Repairs ‘To Do’s this Summer

During the summer season, turning on your fireplace is not an option, but it is the perfect time for chimney repair Barrington and inspection. Since you won’t be using your furnace in the meantime, checking it for any time of maintenance will allow you to enjoy a working fireplace during cool months.

Here are the three common chimney repairs to make this summer:

Repair #1: Chimney Cap

A chimney cap stops water, debris, animals, wind, and snow from infiltrating the chimney. Flashing on a chimney Hoffman Estates could cause fire on the roof when it reaches outside. A chimney cap can hinder sparks from escaping the chimney, preventing potential fire.

Repair #2 Masonry

Chimney tuckpointing Palatine or masonry is the type of repair done by a tuckpointing Palatine company like A Competitive Inc to fix the missing mortar or deterioration between stone or bricks. During a repair, mortar won’t be replaced entirely, so expert tuckpointing utilizes mortar that matches the existing one.

Annual chimney inspections are necessary as they are susceptible to damage due to weather exposure. Postponing masonry repairs for so long can lead to further damage, worse rebuilding the entire chimney.

Repair #3 Chimney Liner

The chimney liner is vital as it leads gasses and smokes out from your home. When cracks occur in the chimney flue, it could cause fires in adjacent homes. Old houses are established without chimney liners. It is vital to get a chimney liner from a masonry contractors Palatine since it is required by code.

Call us today to start your chimney repair Palatine list by scheduling a chimney sweep!

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