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Bathroom Remodeling Arlington Heights & Bathroom Renovations Arlington Heights

Whether your bathroom has a traditional shower or tub, or a walk-in tub, you shouldn’t have to compromise on design, style, utility, or give up on your dreams of having a spa-like experience. Our professional bath installers can help transform this space from simply being an unappealing room, to something stylish, modern and fully functional.  All shapes and sizes are welcome. Even if you need more from your bathroom like a walk-in tub suitable for an older person or one with reduced mobility,  we have the capacity to complete any task.

Get rid of your blast from the past and start your bathroom renovation journey with the following tips regarding modern details you may want to incorporate:



Looking towards the future, professional bath remodelers suggest selecting a color palette made up of solid, neutral tones, especially white and off-white, which will always be in style .  The aim is to find a cohesive, timeless look to last among ever-changing trends.



Give a finished look by choosing neutral acrylic edgings

around your walk-in tub which also serves to protect from leaks and mold. Different

types of material can be mimicked, such as natural stone, to maintain your tile

installation always looking as new as possible.



Don’t forget to choose accessories and small features wisely for your bathroom remodeling. Shower heads, built-in shelving, even power tub jets can all serve to elevate your bathroom experience to something more relaxing and deluxe.



Arthur Bathroom Remodeling Arlington Heights so we can help you start enjoying

the wonderful benefits that come from frequently feeling refreshed after using your new bathroom space.

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