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AC Service Des Plaines – How Frequently?

A new air conditioning system will require a substantial financial investment. Wanting to protect your investment is natural. You can do this by prolonging the life of your AC system to keep it running economically and efficiently by a proper and regular AC service Aurora.

An annual HVAC service is normally sufficient for a residential AC system that is used for cooling only. If the system is however used for cooling and heating two service visits per annum are recommended. AC systems used commercially in restaurants, shops, and offices will require a minimum of two service visits per annum. Systems locations that are critical such as hairdressing or beauty salons, workshops, trading floors, and server rooms will require a formal maintenance program with three or more air conditioning service Homer Glen visits per year. This is especially for areas with a lot of airborne pollutants in the air such as dust. Your HVAC technician can assist with a maintenance program.

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