January 2, 2016

General Contractor Temecula, CA

General Contractors are employed for a number of different reasons. In the Temecula area the most common reasons for hiring a General Contractor include the installation of A/C, kitchen remodels, plumbing, and new construction. When you employ a quality General Contractor, you are purchasing the peace of mind that can be found through the knowledge that your project will be handled by a licensed, skilled, and experienced professional. More importantly, though, you will want to employ a Contractor with a reputation for honesty, reliability and pride of workmanship. With Michael Kaake Construction you can be assured of all of these qualities. Whether you need a full kitchen remodel or new bathroom faucets, Michael Kaake Construction will treat you and your home with the respect it deserves.


Kitchen Remodels Temecula:

Designing a kitchen is an art. It is much more involved than merely making a space to set your stove and nailing cabinets to a wall. You will be creating the energy of the room a room which is often the heart of a home. For example, choosing the location of your counters and determining how low they will be placed, is a simple choice which can ultimately affect whether your kitchen feels more open or closed. Aligning the cabinets with the sink and lights is also an important factor. There are a multitude of tiny details such as these to take into consideration. MK Construction can help you through this process.

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Professional Kitchen Installers

If you would like us to install an IKEA kitchen in your home, here is the installation process:

The first step toward acquiring your dream kitchen is to determine the space you have to work with. You can do your own measuring and planning or you can use IKEA’s convenient online planning program. In addition, Michael Kaake Construction is happy to meet with you personally to pre-measure your current space and discuss your needs.

Secondly you must select the style and type of cabinet units which suit your taste and your space contact your local IKEA store to place your order. Thirdly, provide a copy of your floor plans to Michael Kaake Construction via email or fax, and you will quickly receive a detailed breakdown of the cost of your installation. (Note: providing MKC with access to your IKEA online plan simplifies the process further by avoiding confusion and side-stepping the need for scanning and/or faxing.) Be sure to let us know if you require the demolition of existing cabinetry.

Contact Michael Kaake Construction to schedule a date for your kitchen installation. Be sure to allow time for the delivery of your cabinetry items. You will also want to inspect this delivery to assure that the entire order has arrived and avoid the need for a return trip by the installer (and potential added costs).

A standard kitchen installation, inclusive of demolition, will take 2-3 days and when we are finished, you will have a functional, beautiful kitchen, built to your specifications.

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20 years of experience:

For over 3 decades MK Construction has been providing skilled, knowledgeable labor and advice in all aspects of home improvement, from the full installation of IKEA kitchens to installing windows, counters and shelving. Michael Kaake’s career has been dedicated to construction. If you’re thinking about hiring a General Contractor then you have come to the right place. Feel confident that we will satisfy all of your construction needs. Please browse our review page or look us up on yelp. You will quickly find that all of our clients are quite pleased with the work we do. We understand that the home is a sacred place and must be treated with care.

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